5. Internationaler Workshop

Tony Atkinson (Keynote Speaker):
The global distribution of income: past trends and future prospects

Bruce Meyer (Keynote Speaker):
five decades of consumption and income poverty in the U.S.fileadmin/user_upload/Redaktion/DFGFLEX/ws09_atkinson.ppt

Dirk Antonczyk:

The Decline of Wage Bargaining, Rising Wage Dispersion, and the Gender Wage Gap in Germany

Sara Ayllón:
Modelling state dependence and feedback effects betweeen poverty, employment and parental home emancipation among European youth

Leonid Azarnert:
Inter-Ethnic Redistrubution and Human Capital Investments

Richard C. Barnett:
Choosing to keep up with the Joneses

Christoph Basten:
Social Preferences for Redistribution, and their Transmission via Confessional Culture: Exploiting a Quasi-Experiment in Switzerland

Thomas K. Bauer:
Fiscal Effects of Minimum Wages - An Analysis for Germany

Daniel Baumgarten:
International Outsourcing, the Nature of Tasks and Occupational Stability: Empirical Evidence for Germany

Bart Cockx:
Are Dead-End Short Jobs Stepping Stones to Long-Lived Jobs?

David Dorn:
Inequality and Specialization: The Growth of Low-Skill Service Jobs in the United States

Christian Dustmann:
Organizational Change, Polarization, and Gender

Bernd Fitzenberger:
Can a Task-Based Approach Explain the Recent Changes in the German Wage Structure?

Thomas Gall:
Mis-match, Re-match, and Investment

Peter Haan:
Unemployment Insurance versus Minimum Income - Effects on Working Behavior over the Life-cycle

Sabine Jokisch:
Dynamic Globalization and Its Potentially Alarming Prospects for Low-Wage Workers

Daiji Kawaguchi:
Stable Wage Distribution in Japan, 1982-2002: A Counter Example of SBTC?

Matthew Lindquist:
The Dynamic of Child Poverty in Sweden

Iga Magda:
Wage mobility in times of higher earnings disparities: is it easier to climb the ladder

Xiugen Mo:
Urban-Rural Inequality, Flexible Labor market, and Groth in Chinese Thirty-Year Economic Reform

Patrick Puhani:
Switch-On and Switch-Off Effects of Sick Pay reform on Absence from Work

Yona Rubinstein:
Prode and Prejudice: Evidence from the "Promised Land"

Christoph Scheicher:
Does work always pay in Germany?

Jacques Silber:
On the Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality in Life Chances in Latin America: A Cardinal Approach

Bernd Süssmuth:
"Bracket Creep" and its  Effects on Income Distribution

Daniel Waldenstöm:
Intergenerational top income mobility in Sweden - A combination of equal opportunity and capitalistic dynasties