11. Arbeitstreffen

Klaus F. Zimmermann:
Projektvorstellung P26 - Ethnic Diversity and Labor market Success

Clemens Ohlert:
Intra-Firm Wage Discrimination against Foreign Workers in Germany?

Dirk Antonczyk:
Polarization and Rising Wage Inequality - Comparing the US and Germany

Gesine Stephan:
Employer Wage Subsidies and Wages in Germany

Christian Paul:
Spillover Effects of Minimum Wages - A theoretical and Experimental Analysis

Dorothee Schneider:
The Effect of ICT Investment on the Relative Compensation of High-, Medium-, and Low-Skilled Workers: Industry versus Country Analysis

Tobias Brändle:
Job flows, Collective bargaining, and Opening Clauses

Thomas Cornelissen:
Fixed-term employment, work organization and job satisfaction: Evidence from German individual-level data

Katja Sonderhof:
The relationship between overweight and labor market outcomes among women

Thomas Bauer:
Evaluating the Labor-Market Effects of Compulsory Military Service: A Regression-Discontinuity Approach