6. Internationaler Workshop

Ben Sand:
To What Extent Do High Wages Kill Jobs? - Estimating the Elasticity of The Job Creation Curve (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 413 KB)

Eve Caroli:
Do Internal Labour Markets Survive in the New Economy? - The Case of France (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 262 KB)

Lorenzo Cappellari:
Flexicurity and wage dynamics over the life-cycle (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 210 KB)

Bettina Büttner:
Are We Wasting Our Time At School? Causal Evidence of the Impact of Shortening Secondary School Duration (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 366 KB)

Fabrizio Colonna:
Does Union Membership increase Job Security? Evidence from British Panel Data (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 201 KB)

Carlos Thomas:
Employment fluctuations in a dual labor market (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 489 KB)

Harald Dale-Olsen:
Sickness absence, performance pay and teams (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 259 KB)

Sabien Dobbelaere:
Micro-evidence on rent sharing from different perspectives (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 421 KB)

Elke J. Jahn:
Looking Beyond the Bridge: How Temporary Agency Employment Affect Labor Market Outcomes (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 598 KB)

Jean Mercenier:
Routinization, Globalization and Rising Job Polarization : A Simple Model with Heterogeneous Agents (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 401 KB)

Ken Yamada:
The Minimum Wage in a De ationary Economy: The Japanese Experience, 1994 2003 (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 382 KB)

Núria Rodríguez-Planas:
The Part-Time Pay Penalty in a Segmented Labor Market (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 307 KB)

Astrid Kunze:
Are all the good men fathers? Wage dynamics around child birth (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 33,6 KB)

Øivind Anti Nilsen:
Estimates of Intergenerational Elasticities Based on Lifetime Earnings (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 110 KB)

Nicolas Roys:
Estimating Labor Market Rigidities with Heterogeneous Firms (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 923 KB)

Thomas Zwick:
Why pay seniority wages? (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 205 KB)

Stephan Fahr:
Offshoring and Domestic Labour Markets

Kemal Kizilca:
Minimum wages, partial compliance and the gender wage gaps (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 268 KB)