ZEW High-Tech Start-up Panel in Germany 2006 and 2007

Data Types and Keywords

  • Data type: individual business data
  • Keywords: high-tech sectors, start-ups, panel study


In 2006, ZEW initiated a survey of 1,000 German start-ups in high-tech industries founded since 1998 in order to examine the characteristics of high-tech firm’s founders (level of education, job experience in science and industry) and characteristics of young firms (size, growth, R&D participation, innovation activities). In 2007, a second wave of this survey was carried out. In addition to a subsample of firms surveyed in 2006, a further sample of start-ups were interviewed, too (in sum n=3,000). The main topics were “Vertical Integration and Outsourced Business Functions” (see Gottschalk et al., 2007) and “Patterns in the Financing of Young High-Tech Firms”. The study was conducted on behalf of the economic journal Impulse and Microsoft Germany. In 2008, the survey has been transferred into the KFW/ZEW Start-up Panel.

ZEW Researchers/Data Compilers

Dr. Georg Licht

Dr. Sandra Gottschalk