Mannheim Innovation Panel

Data Types and Keywords

  • Data type 1: individual business data
  • Data type 2: individual business data, Scientific Use Files: factually anonymized data
  • Data type 3: individual business data, Education Use Files: absolutely anonymized data
  • Keywords: Germany, innovation, Community Innovation Survey, annual panel study


Since 1993, the ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research has been gathering data regarding the innovation behaviour of the German economy on an annual basis. The innovation survey covers firms from various industries including mining, manufacturing, energy- and water- supply, waste disposal, construction, business-related services and distributive services. The survey is representative for Germany and allows projections for the German firm population as well as for individual industries and size classes. The survey is conducted on behalf of BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) in cooperation with infas (Institute of Applied Social Science) and Fraunhofer ISI (Institute for Systems and Innovation Research). The MIP is the German contribution to the European Commission’s Community Innovation Surveys (CIS).

The annual innovation survey is designed as a panel survey including the same firms every year. Sample size varies among the survey years. In 2010 e.g., more than 6000 firms answered the written questionnaire. Every two years the sample is refreshed by a random sample of newly founded firms in order to substitute firms that are closing or left the market through mergers. The MIP provides important information about the introduction of new products, services and processes, expenditures for innovations, ways to achieve economic success with new products, new services and improved processes. In addition, the MIP collects information on a number of competition-related issues which allows studying various topics in industrial economics.