Provided Data

The ZEW research data listed below can be analysed on-site at ZEW in the ZEW-FDZ premises for research projects. The data provided is individual company data. Besides, the ZEW Financial Market Test provides data collected in the course of an expert survey. Furthermore, Scientific Use Files for nine data sets and Education Use Files for the Mannheim Innovation Panel can be used.

In order to expand the data offer of the ZEW-FDZ and to sustainably improve the research data infrastructure in Germany, a project consortium newly formed in 2019 will exploit existing data sets from publicly funded research projects as well as new data sources from the WorldWideWeb.
For this purpose, the Mannheim Center for Data Science (MCDS) of the University of Mannheim, ZEW and the University of Mannheim’s infrastructure facilities – the University Library (UBM) and the Computing Center (RUM) – have formed a new project consortium to establish a Business and Economic Research Data (BERD) Center.
Further information on the BERD Center on ZEW‘s project site