The goal of the research project NostaClimate is the explicit analysis of the role of non-state actors and their interactions with state and individual actors. Non-state actors include civil society groups (e.g. churches, non-governmental organizations), economic actors (e.g. firms, trade unions), and subnational and local actors (e.g. municipalities). The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the second phase of the funding priority “Economics of Climate Change” (FKZ: 01LA1813).

The project examines the research questions with a mix of complementary methods. The possible effects of different non-state actors are evaluated on the basis of theoretical, empirical, and experimental results. In close cooperation with the advisory board, strategies and recommendations for non-state actors are developed, especially with respect to influencing individual climate protection activities, but also for policymakers (state actors), for example, to strengthen the position of non-state actors in the monitoring of climate protection activities of other actors.



Martin Kesternich in RP Online on Energy Saving Plans of Cities

In an article of the German newspaper RP Online, Martin Kesternich is quoted and discusses on the basis of practical examples on energy saving plans of cities that city climate protection measures have a symbolic power for citizens and can also serve as a role model function - especially when…

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Study on the Potential of the Catholic Church For the Promotion of Individual Climate Protection Measures Published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

As part of NostaClimate, we have investigated the extent to which religious actors can promote sustainable behavior. A study on the potential of the Catholic Church has now been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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Strategic Implementation of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in German Municipalities - Results of a Broad Survey

In a panel contribution at the 28th Scientific Congress of the German Political Science Association GPSA from the 14th to 16th September 2021, we presented results of our municipal survey. In the presented study, we examined the strategic implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation in…

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Survey Participants of NostaClimate Project Donate Trees for German Federal Garden Show 2023

In the context of the NostaClimate project, the ZEW conducted a survey on the topic of the European General Data Protection Regulation among 492 citizens of the Rhine-Neckar area in autumn 2020. At the suggestion of previous study participants, the participants of this study had the opportunity to…

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Martin Kesternich at the Workshop on the Mannheim Climate Protection Action Plan 2030

On May 4, 2021, Prof. Dr. Martin Kesternich participated in an event organized by the city of Mannheim to discuss the goals of the Mannheim Climate Protection Action Plan 2030.

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Martin Kesternich on the Current Climate Policy

Martin Kesternich calls on the government to back up the reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions with concrete political measures, reports Handelsblatt (print).

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