Study on causal effects of gamification on individual mobility behavior accepted in the journal "Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice"

The study examines the short- and long-term causal effects of gamification campaigns on individual mobility behavior using data from a bicycle navigation app.

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Study on Cities as Role Models for Climate Protection Published as Discussion Paper

Cities are increasingly hold accountable for climate change mitigation and adaption. At the same time, cities show a great willingness to engage and consider themselves as role models. By demonstrating pro-environmentality, they aspire to encourage climate protection efforts of their citizen.

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Study on the Potential of the Catholic Church For the Promotion of Individual Climate Protection Measures Published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

As part of NostaClimate, we have investigated the extent to which religious actors can promote sustainable behavior. A study on the potential of the Catholic Church has now been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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Study on the Effects of Emotions on Prosocial Behavior Accepted in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

The study addresses the question of whether incidental emotions have an effect on prosocial behavior in the form of charitable giving.

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Study on the Acceptance of Climate-Oriented Policy Measures UndertThe COVID-19 Crisis: An Empirical Analysis for Germany

Based on data from a representative survey among citizens in Germany during the first peak of the COVID-19 crisis, a paper conducted as part of the NostaClimate research project empirically examines the acceptance of climate-oriented economic stimulus programmes and several further individual…

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Study on the Demand for Voluntary Carbon Sequestration Through Afforestation Published as ZEW Discussion Paper

Both the German Climate Protection Act as well as in the European Climate Package assigns an important role to the contribution of natural ecosystems to climate protection. Natural carbon sinks such as forests or peatlands can be used to offset emissions that cannot be avoided at all or only at very…

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