Historical And Procedural Aspects of Justice

The green transformation, or the movement towards a more sustainable society and economy, requires that certain compromises are made. Ecological and economic aspects, social justice and efficiency, European perspectives and national policies must be reconciled. This is a political problem, which comprises numerous aspects of normative import. The differing normative requirements of each objective of the transformation, must be taken into account. In order to ensure social cooperation and justice throughout the transformation process, these different requirements must be aligned.  This can be achieved only through the  means of political discourse, negotiation and compromise. WP1 therefore focuses on the formal and semi-formal aspects of negotiation processes in relation to methods of game theory. Focus is placed, not only be on theoretical aspects, but also  on empirical problems related to negotiation and discourse. Particular attention will be paid to aspects related to distributive justice and affordability which are closely associated with issues of justice during the negotiation process.