1993 – Munich

Annual Meeting of the Committee for Industrial Economics, 17–19 March, 1993

The meeting took place on 17–19 March, 1993 in Munich. The local organisation was undertaken by Prof. Dr. Arnold Picot. The following lectures were held:

  • "Modeling of The Innovation Process: An Integrative Approach", Manfred Stadler
  • "The Difficulty of Innovation From The Point of View of The Applied Innovation Research", Frieder Meyer-Krahmer
  • "Research And Development as a Search Process in a Oligopolistic Competition", Gerhard Clemenz
  • "Spillover-Effects in Research and Development", Dietmar Harhoff
  • "Evolutionary Selection in Normal Form Games", Klaus Ritzberger
  • "Who Profits from Futures Markets? A Kind of Coase Conjecture", Friedel Bolle
  • "Innovation And Industrial Labor Division: The Example of Banking", Bernhard Wieland
  • "Importance of The Patent System For an Innovation Process - Problems and Possibilites of Improvement", Jürgen F. Franke
  • "Possibilites And Limits of a European Research And Technology Policy: An Analysis by Theory of Order", Peter Oberender and F.U. Fricke