WP2: Analysing the possibilities of improving sustainability of courier services

The second step of CO2URIER will cover the strategic analysis of Quriers’ business to identify and understand the environment in which the company is operating, including the interactions within this environment. A range of analytical methods will be employed in this analysis, including: SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, value chain analysis, four corner’s analysis. The results of this complex analyses will enable us to develop a strategy for a more sustainable business model, including a set of actions to implement as well as expected results of each action. Business analysis tools will be used to optimise the process with a systemic approach. The MOST technique will be applied to define solutions consistent with the actual courier brand philosophy. CATWOE will help to understand the business environment and all factors determining company strategy. The MoSCoW method will help to prioritise all actions and create a clear strategy with concrete working/implementation steps. The VPEC-T analysis will be used to evaluate customers’ needs, expectations, and willingness to pay for specific services.