International Workshop

„Gender and the Labour Market“

ZEW Mannheim

Friday, 28th of March 2008





Registration starting 11:00

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch (ZEW Euro Bistro)

13:00 – 13:15


13:15 – 14:15

Lawrence Kahn

Gender, Source Country Characteristics and Labor Market Assimilation among Immigrants: 1980-2000

14:15 – 14:30

Coffee break

14:30 – 16:30


Victor Lavy
Mechanisms and Impacts of Gender Peer Effects at School

Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia
Time Allocation of Parents and Investments in Sons and Daughters

Tuomas Pekkarinen
Is Boys` Educational Achievement Really Low Mean, High Variance?


Boris Hirsch
Joan Robinson Meets Harold Hotelling:
A Dyopsonistic Explanation of the Gender Pay Gap

Lidia Farré
The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender
Role Attitudes and its Implications for Female  Labor Force Participation

Martina Zweimüller
Market Orientation and Gender Wage Gaps:
An International Study


16:30 – 16:45

Coffee Break


16:45 – 18:45


Deborah Cobb-Clark
Gender-Biased Behavior at Work:
Exploring the Relationship between Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination

Alexandra Spitz-Oener
Explaining Women’s Success:
Technological Change and the Skill Content of Women’s Work

Bruce A. Weinberg
People People:
Social Capital and the Labor-Market Outcomes of Underrepresented Groups



Emilia Del Bono
Is It the Way She Moves? New Evidence on the Gender Wage Growth Gap in the Early Careers of Men and Women in Italy

Mary Gregory
Part-time Employment Can Be a Life-time Setback for Earnings:
A Study of British Women 1975-2001

Aico van Vuuren
Counterfactual Distributions with Sample Selection Adjustments:
Econometric Theory and an Application to the Netherlands


Conference Dinner (Rheinterrassen)


Saturday, 29th of March 2008-02-18





09:30 – 10:30

Lena Edlund



10:30 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:45


Nicole M. Fortin
Gender Role Attitudes and Women`s Labor Market Decisions:
The Persistent Appeal of Housewifery

Andrea Christina Felfe
Returning to Work – Mothers` Willingness to Pay for Amenities

Patrick A. Puhani
The Effects of Maternity Leave Extension on Training for Young Women



Astrid Kunze
New evidence on male-female differences in search

Wim Vijverberg
Gender Differences in Occupational Choice in light of Earnings Risk

Michael R. Ransom
New Market Power Models and Sex Differences in Pay


Andrea Ichino
Gender Based Taxation and the Division of Family Chores

Hans Grönqvist
Subsidized Contraception, Fertility, and Labor Supply:
Evidence from regional Policy Changes

Joachim Möller
Young Females – Are They Doing Better in Economic Hot Spots?

12:45 – 14:00


14:00 – 16:00


Michelle J. Budig
Variation in the Motherhood Penalty Across Women’s Earnings Distribution: Evidence from the U.S.

Jerôme Adda
Occupational Choice and Fertility

Jeanne Lafortune
Making Yourself Attractive: Pre-Martial Investments and the Returns to Education in the Marriage Market


Janice Fanning Madden
Performance-based Pay and Gender Discrimination in Compensation:
The Case of Commissions for Stockbrokers

Peter de Goeij
Gender Differences among Analyst

Vartuhi Tonoyan
Employment Growth and Firm Innovativeness in Women- and Men-Owned Small Firms in Germany: An Effect of Endowments?


Jose Tessada
Cheap Maids and Nannies: How Low-Skilled Immigration is Changing the Labor Supply of High-Skilled American Women

Pal Schoene
Incentives to Work:
Labour Supply Effects of a Cash-for-Care Subsidy for Non-Western Female Immigrants

Sisi Zhang
How Do Wage Shocks Affect Married Couples` Labor Supply? – Evidence from the Collective Model


16:00 – 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 – 17:30

Michael Keane
Child Care Choices and Children`s Cognitive Achievement: The Case of Single Mothers