Why ZEW?

Support and development of staff

Postgraduates and postdocs receive comprehensive and close support for their projects by qualified senior researchers and/or by research associates while at ZEW. ZEW also actively supports the ongoing professional development of its staff.

Commitment to cutting-edge research and policy advising of the highest quality

One of ZEW’s guiding objectives is to provide economic policy advising based on rigorous economic research. The German government, international ministries, and the European Commission are ZEW’s most important clients for advising services.
Excellence in economics has a number of dimensions at ZEW: the publication of research findings in renowned refereed journals, national and international networking, knowledge transfer by conferences and workshops, the creation and maintenance of unique databases.

“ZEW DocNet has offered me the great opportunity to write my dissertation and do project work at ZEW in harmony. In addition to the supervision from the University of Mannheim, I received full support and useful advice from my ZEW colleagues regarding the empirical modelling in my dissertation. I also benefitted a lot from the extensive industry experience of the ZEW team.”
Dr. Nina Leheyda, researcher in the research unit “Industrial Economics and International Management”

Outstanding Characteristics of ZEW

Although ZEW is closely networked with universities and applies university level standards in its research activities, our work is clearly differentiated from economics research conducted at universities:

  • ZEW sets broader goals than economics faculties. Policy advising and knowledge transfer have considerably higher significance for us.
  • The size of ZEW and the broad spectrum of topics studied by our research units permit us to take on comprehensive and complex economics advising projects.
  • ZEW’s infrastructure and resources make it possible to develop, maintain, and offer complex analytical models, such as the European Tax Analyzer or the PACE computable general equilibrium model. We are also able to undertake long-term surveys, which university faculties would not be in a position to sustain, such as the ZEW Financial Market Test and the Mannheim Innovation Panel.

Research at a leading international institute

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim is one of Europe’s leading economic research institutes and enjoys a strong reputation. ZEW’s guiding mission is to study the optimal performance of markets and institutions in Europe. ZEW applies a plurality of methodologies, with a focus on microeconomic and microeconometric research.