Module 3


First, we investigate whether and to what extent firms pass on potential productivity gains of UW to their employees through higher wages. Second, we analyse whether employees adjust their wage demands according to their individual benefits and drawbacks from UW, i.e. whether UW gives rise to compensating wage differentials. Third, the module focuses on the potential implications of ubiquitous working for the wage evolution over the life cycle, mediated, for example, by longer and more stable employer-employee relationships. Fourth, we investigate the effects of UW on the reconciliation of work and family life, labour market participation and the gender wage gap. The analyses are based on available micro data. In addition, a survey on access to UW and associated working conditions will be implemented.

Project Team

JProf. Dr. Melanie Arntz, ZEW Mannheim und Universität Heidelberg,
Francesco Berlingieri, ZEW Mannheim
PD Dr. Nicole Gürtzgen, ZEW Mannheim
Prof. Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz, Universität Amsterdam, Niederlande
Dr. Ulrich Zierahn, ZEW Mannheim