Past Events

23-24 March 2017
Interdisciplinary Conference on Flexible Work in the Digital Age

20-21 May 2016
Interdisciplinary Conference: Ubiquitous Working - Challenges and Prospects of the Interconnected Working Environment

Further information on the project "Challenges and Opportunities Arising from Ubiquitous Working"

6-7 May 2014
Kick-off meeting

During a two-day kick-off meeting at the ZEW, all project partners met for the first time and presented their research agendas for the next three years.

First, professor Sabine Sonnentag (University of Mannheim) presented research results on detachment, i.e. how to mentally disengage from work. Afterwards, the talks of Michael Weidinger (Arbeitszeitberatung Herrmann Kutscher Weidinger) and Dr. Heidrun Kleefeld (SAP AG) gave the scientists insights into company practices in the context of Ubiquitous Working and the related chances and challenges. The presentations of the various research topics in the context of the overall project  with the subsequent discussions highlighted the advantages of an interdisciplinary network. It became clear that the phenomenon of Ubiquitous Working can and needs to be considered from the specialized perspectives of all the involved disciplines. The consideration of theoretical and methodological insights from all disciplines represented in the network is very helpful for the further empirical work in the different subprojects. This is also proven by the fact that several interdisciplinary cooperation plans between project partners have already concretised at the beginning of the three-year research phase.