Productivity of IT based Services (ProdIT)

  • To what extent does the service sector contribute to the aggregate development of productivity and which role do IT-based services play?
  • How accurately can increases in productivity in the innovative IT-based service sector be measured?
  • How does business practice evaluate the productivity in creation and usage of IT-based services?
  • How are the relations to in-house and external IT service providers managed and designed?
  • How can the contribution of software-related services to added value be measured?

Starting with these issues in its center, the ProdIT project consortium consisting of ZEW, PAC and the University of Mannheim undertakes an investigation of the productivity of  IT- and knowledge-intensive services on the macroeconomic , the organizational and process level, applying different methods including statistical and econometric data analysis, case studies and expert interviews. Improved instruments for the measurement and controlling of services ultimately provide the foundation for accurate and successful methods to increase productivity.