The goal of the research project NostaClimate is the explicit analysis of the role of non-state actors and their interactions with state and individual actors. Non-state actors include civil society groups (e.g. churches, non-governmental organizations), economic actors (e.g. firms, trade unions), and subnational and local actors (e.g. municipalities). The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the second phase of the funding priority “Economics of Climate Change” (FKZ: 01LA1813).

The project examines the research questions with a mix of complementary methods. The possible effects of different non-state actors are evaluated on the basis of theoretical, empirical, and experimental results. In close cooperation with the advisory board, strategies and recommendations for non-state actors are developed, especially with respect to influencing individual climate protection activities, but also for policymakers (state actors), for example, to strengthen the position of non-state actors in the monitoring of climate protection activities of other actors.



Results of a Survey on Climate Protection Activities of German Municipalities

Climate protection is high on the agenda – for many, but not all German municipalities. Exchange on climate policy issues takes place primarily with civil society actors and in city networks. This is shown among other issues by the results of a recent survey of 554 German municipalities on municipal…

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International Workshop “Environmental Conservation Behaviors and Climate Policy“

By invitation of Prof. Toshi H. Arimura, Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziegler and Elke Groh participated in the international workshop “Environmental Conservation Behaviors and Climate Policy” on March 16, 2021.

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Second Advisory Board Meeting

The project team meets with the NostaClimate Advisory Board to present research findings.

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Internal Project Meeting

The entire project team meets online to discuss the current status of the work packages and to plan further steps.

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NostaClimate at the 8th Forum on Climate Economics – Informed Policy and Information as Policy

What role does information play for policymakers to take climate-protective action? How can information itself become politically effective in reaching citizens and creating incentives for them to act in a climate-friendly way? Last week, representatives from science, industry, politics, and civil…

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Economic Policy Forum of the Protestant Academy Frankfurt

Martin Kesternich discusses the topic “Sustainable in the future – Is the Green Deal the right instrument?”


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