As of 2014, the DFG priority programme Flexibility in Heterogeneous Labour Markets has been continued under the DFG priority programme The German Labor Market in a Globalized World.

6th internatioal workshop

Call for Papers: „Flexibility in Heterogeneous Labour Markets“ (25. - 27. 03. 2010)

Keynote speakers: Stephen Machin (University College London/London School of Economics), Jeffrey Smith (University of Michigan), Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State University)

In today’s ever-changing economic conditions, workers and firms are experiencing the constant pressure to adjust employment, wages, working hours, technology, and human capital to meet new needs. Increasing international integration, changing demand for goods and services, as well as changing institutions require labour market flexibility. This workshop invites empirical and theoretical contributions to this topic from all areas of labour economics and related fields such as the economics of education, industrial economics, health economics, international economics, or public finance.
The workshop is being organized by DFG-Priority Programme “Flexibility in Heterogeneous Labour Markets”.


You can already  have a look at the papers of our international guests

International Workshop "Inequality and Poverty in the Global Economy" (ZEW Mannheim, March 27-28 2009

Keynote speakers: Tony Atkinson (Nuffield College, Oxford), Bruce Meyer (Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago)

Inequality, poverty and social justice are key issues in the policy deabate in many countries, with much renewed interest over the last 1 1/2 decades. This is due to economic internationalisation, increased global competition, the changing influence of labour market institutions and new technologies. This workshop focuses on theoretical and empirical research on inequality, poverty and the labour market in a globalised world. The emphasis is put on the analysis of world economy labour market trends.

  • You are interested in the topic of the workshop. Have a look at the papers beeing presented at ZEW.

Programme "Inequality and Poverty in the Global Economy"

Vouchers, contracting-lut and performance standards: Market mechanisms in active labor market policy

During the last years, market mechanisms have gained importance in the provision of employment services. In Germany, access to further training programs is now granted through vouchers, issued by caseworkers. Also, unemployed persons may ask for a voucher that entitles them to use the services of a private placement agency or may be assigned to private agencies that compete on a quasi-market. Only recently, a wage subsidy voucher has been introduced for older workers. But does the introduction of market mechanisms into originally public bureaucracies in fact improve efficiency and flexibility of services delivered?
Therefore the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) has hosted a workshop on that topic, sponsored by the research network "Flexibility in heterogeneous labour markets" of the the German Research Foundation (DFG).

more information on the workshop:

Workshop on "Gender and the Labour Market"

The research network organizes an international workshop on  "Gender and the Labour Market" at ZEW Mannheim (28th and 29th of March 2008) . Deadline for paper submission is January 5th 2008.

Programs and Papers for the Workshop "Institutions and the Labour Market" and the 6th Workshop of the Research Network

Clickhere for the program and the papers for the international workshop as well as the  program for the workshop of the research network. The papers for the workshop of the research network are available in the section "Internal".

"Call for Papers of the German Association of Political Economy and the IAB"

The German Association of Political Economy and the IAB invite to hand in papers for  a conference on "Research on Unemployment and Labour Market Policies: Novel Approaches" (October 2007).  For further information see the Call for Papers.

"Workshop on Labour Market Flexibility, Inter-firm and Inter-regional Mobility" on the 28th und 29th July 2006 in Regensburg

Professor Joachim Möller and his team of Project 12 are organizing  a workshop in Regensburg as an activity within the research network. Please find here the call for papers, the program and a map.

User Workshop "Wirtschaftsstatistische Paneldaten und faktische Anonymisierung" at IAW

On June 14./15. 2007 the IAW Tübingen organizes a user workshop of the project "Wirtschaftsstatistische Paneldaten and faktische Anonymisierung". For further information see the invitation.

"Conference on the Analysis of Firms and Employees: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches" on the 29th and 30th of September 2006 in Nürnberg

The workshop is organized by the IAB. Further information can be found here. The  research network supports the workshop and network members may participate  for free.


Ausschreibung für die zweite Phase des Forschungsschwerpunktprogramms

In dieser Sektion finden Sie die Ausschreibung  für die zweite Phase des Forschungsschwerpunktprogramms. Einreichungsfrist war der 20.12.2005.  Nähere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte dem Ausschreibungstextder DFG.

Third meeting of the research network at IZA Bonn

You can here find the discussed papers of the network meeting.

4. Network Meeting and International Workshop "Wage and Mobility: Micro-, Macro- and intergenerational Evidence"

  • An article about the fourth network meeting and the international workshop can be downloaded here.
  • The program and the papers for the second international workshop of the network can be downloaded here.
  • Here you can also find the Call for Papers announcing the international workshop.

Panel Data of Different Countries

"Panel Study of Income Dynamics" (PSID) gives on its website an overview of different panel data sets in different countries.

International Conference on Evaluation

The Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency (IAB) organizes an international conference on "The Empirical Evaluation of Labour Market Programmes" (16./17. July 2005). You can find the call for papers here.

Second Meeting of the research Network and Interantional Workshop on "Education and Training"

  • You can download the presentations of the research meeting and the papers of the international workshop here.
  • The program for the international workshop on and the presented papers "Education and Training: Markets and Institutions" in Mannheim can be found here.
  • Please notice the Call for Papers.

1. User Conference of the IAB

The Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency (IAB) organizes a user conference on its data. You can find the call for papers here.