1995 – Berlin

Annual Meeting of the Committee for Industrial Economics, 13–14 March, 1995

The meeting took place on March 13-14, 1995 in Berlin. The local organisation was undertaken by Prof. Dr. Horst Albach. The following lectures were held:

  • "Information and Competition", Ingo Schmidt
  • "Competition Between Marketplaces", Thomas Gehrig
  • "Credence Goods and Fraudulent Experts", Wienand Emons
  • "Impact Costs, Reorganisation and Path Dependency", Mathias Erlei
  • "Industrial Econmics and Marketplace", Hans Jürgen Ramser and Konrad Stahl
  • "A Bargaining Model of Involuntary Unemployment", Klaus Ritzberger
  • "How Long Will Employement in Structurally Weak Industries be Subsidized?", Horst M. Schellhaaß and Thomas Jendges
  • "Private or Public Job Service?", Peter Zweifel