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KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel

Data Types and Keywords

  • Data type 1: individual business data
  • Data type 2: individual business data, Scientific Use Files: factually anonymized data
  • Keywords: Germany, start-ups, annual panel study


Between 2008 and 2013, ZEW, the KfW Bankengruppe and Creditreform were co-operating to implement and maintain the KfW/ZEW Start-Up Panel for Germany (see e.g. Fryges et al., 2010). The panel contains annual information on young firms founded since 2005 allowing the application of panel econometric methods for an adequate modelling of firm-specific heterogeneity. In respect to the cross-sectional dimension, telephone interviews with approximately 6,000 new firms from all industries are conducted once a year (computer-aided telephone interviews, CATI). Since 2014, the panel is continued under the name Mannheim Start-up Panel.

The KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel enables a profound analysis of the temporal development of newly founded firms and their probability of survival or failure. Moreover, the panel has high potential for cross-sectional analyses because of the large number of firms which are included in every wave of the survey. The scientific potential is further based on the fact that half of the firms surveyed by the KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel belong to technology- and knowledge-intensive sectors of the manufacturing and services industry. This allows for differentiated analyses of new firms which are particularly important for the dynamics and international competitiveness of the economy.