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The transition to new energy sources in passenger car traffic: An economic analysis for Germany

The research project ECO-CARS is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of the research grant program "Economic Research for Sustainability". It enhances the development of strategies concerning activation and encouragement of sustainable consumption. The focus of the project will be on efficient propulsion technologies and alternative energy sources for passenger cars. Examples are hydrogen, natural gas, electricity and bio diesel which have the potential to reduce environmental damages. The preferences of the consumers concerning these new technologies and the economic effects resulting from the individual behavior of the consumers will be analyzed. Methodically, modern microeconomic models will be linked with empirical (econometric) approaches based on micro data. A German-wide survey is conducted to collect the necessary individual data. Dynamic simulations are used to examine political regulation instruments and their economic consequences.

The results can be used for policy advice and for consulting of the car and energy industry. Furthermore, the research results will be presented at scientific conventions and published in academic and popular journals.