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No. DFG Label Project Title Principal Investigators Junior Researchers
1 AB111/9-1
DA 1654/1-1
Foreign Occupational Credentials on the German Labour Market Prof. Dr. Martin Abraham
Dr. Andreas Damelang
Sabine Ebensperger
Felix Stumpf
4 BA 1833/5-1
BE 3172/5-1
Demographic Change and Regional Labour Markets Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer
Dr. Philipp vom Berge
Christian Rulff
Michael Tamminga
7 BE 3172/4-1
HE 7171/1-1
Custom Shaped Administrative Data for the Analysis of Labour Market (CADAL) Dr. Philipp vom Berge
Jörg Heining

STE 1424/1-1
BE 4108/3-1
Using Randomized Field Experiments to Evaluate Support Programs for Older and Low-Skilled Workers With Combined Survey-Register Data Prof. PhD Gerard van den Berg
Prof. Dr. Gesine Stephan
Pia Homrighausen
Prof. PhD Lena Janys
Christine Singer
10 BI 767/3-1
FI 692/16-1
Accounting for Selection Effects in the Analysis of Wage Inequality in Germany Prof. Dr. Martin Biewen
Prof. PhD Bernd Fitzenberger
Jakob de Lazzer
Matthias-Christian Seckler
14 BU 921/5-1 Labor Market Reforms and Aggregate Supply in the Short and Long Run Prof. PhD Michael C. Burda Anna Almosova
17 DA 1576/1-1
FI 1939/1-1
SU 413/3-1
The Causal Impact of Trade Integration on Individual Workers: Job Stability, Earnings, and Geographical Labor Mobility Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dauth
Prof. PhD Sebastian Findeisen
Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum
Linda Borrs
Florian Knauth
Niko Steffen
20 DU 1024/1-1 The Dynamic Impact of Immigration on Wages, Employment, Technology and Innovation Prof. PhD Christian Dustmann
23 FI 692/14-1
PA 2536/1-1
Female Employment Patterns, Fertility, Labor Market Reforms, and Social Norms: A Dynamic Treatment Approach Prof. PhD Bernd Fitzenberger
Prof. Dr. Marie Paul
Fabian Dehos
Marina Furdas
Laura Sinn
24 FI 692/18-1 The German Labor Market in a Globalized World: Challenges through Trade, Technology and Demographics Prof. PhD Bernd Fitzenberger Angelika Ganserer
25 GA 1813/3-1
SCHO 1128/2-1
Spillover Effects of Mass Layoffs Prof. PhD Christina Gathmann
Prof. Dr. Uta Schönberg
Ines Helm
Verena Lauber
26 GA 758/4-1 Organizational Structure, Technological Change and Rising Wage Inequality in Germany: an Empirical Study Using Linked Employer-Employee Data Prof. Dr. Markus Gangl Fabian Ochsenfeld
29 HA 5526/4-1 Female Labor Supply and Fertility in Times of Demographic Change:
Trends, Determinants and Policy Implications – Evidence From Natural Experiments and a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model
Prof. Dr. Peter Haan Sascha Drahs
Ph.D. Luke Haywood
Ulrich Schneider
Dr. Katharina Wrohlich
33 JU 2801/1-1
KU 2800/3-1
The Effects of Macroeconomic Changes on Labor Market Mobility, Job Stability, and Returns to Tenure in Germany Prof. Dr. Philip Jung
Prof. Dr. Moritz Kuhn
Benjamin Hartung
Edgar Preugschat
37 ME 3887/3-1
STU 627/1-1
Wages, Heterogeneities, and Labor Market Dynamics Prof. Dr. Christian Merkl
Dr. Heiko Stüber
40 OS 431/2-1 Skill Development Within and Outside School, Nonacademic Skills, and Labor Market Outcomes Prof. Dr. Aderonke Osikominu Benjamin Fuchs
Stephanie Briel
41 PR 1238/1-1
SP 1137/2-1
Employer and Worker Adjustments to Economic Shocks Prof. Dr. Susanne Prantl
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Spitz-Oener
Frederik Thenée
Christoph WiggerHendrik Beiler
43 RI 856/7-1 Causal Determinants of Maternal Labor Market Outcomes and Child Development Prof. PhD Regina T. Riphahn Dr. Kamila Cygan-Rehm
Dr. Daniel Kühnle
45 SL 46/2-1
STE 2367/1-1
Human Resource Management and Employee Retention: Empirical Analyses Using new Linked Employer-Employee Data Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka
Dr. Susanne Steffes
Sebastian Butschek
Dr. Patrick Kampkötter
Katharina Laske
Dr. Jens Mohrenweiser
Lea Petters
47 WE 5070/1-1
WI 3907/1-1
Transnational Labor Markets: Migration of Workers Between Austria and Germany Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Julia Schmieder
48 ZW 172/3-1 Determinants of Old Age Employment Prof. Dr. Thomas Zwick Regina Herz